Don’t let finals get you down

Don't let finals get you down

It is almost time for finals and that means it is important to take care of yourself instead of letting stress get to you. In the CBA we want our students to feel mentally prepared for finals. Don’t forget that your professors are available to help you while preparing for finals. Here is some important advice to help in preventing and coping with stress.

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International students share their experience

My friend Camille and I are French International students.  We are senior Integrated Marketing Communication majors. We have studied the advertising and marketing for 4 years in France. We arrived at Winthrop University this semester, and we discovered the College of Business and Administration. We have classes of marketing and statistics, and we are very happy. Teachers are really interesting and classes are dynamic, and they care to put into practice the theoretical side of the lesson. Teachers of College of Business and Administration are very attentive to the students, and appreciate when you come to talk to them. In France, we do not have the culture of proximity with the teacher, and it is really nice and encouraging in the work you’re accomplishing. People are really nice, there is no competition between students, and everybody tries to help each other. I really feel the solidarity and I’m loving it. The next semester, we will try to take more classes in the College of Business and Administration.

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Advising Adventures

My name is Devyn McDowell and I am a junior Integrated Marketing Communication Major

In honor of advising, I thought I would share my most recent advising experience within the College of Business Administration. Since I was a freshman, my advisor always pushed me to challenge myself academically, be that taking 18 hours per semester, trying to get honors credits, or taking graduate level classes as a junior. He’s also recommended that I join groups such as the American Marketing Association. Going into this semester’s advising session before fall senior registration, I was nervous to tell him that I was only planning on taking the minimum of 12 hours to be a full time student at Winthrop. And that I had a blemishes on my current academic transcript. When he saw my anticipated course load, he commented on how “easy” my semester would be. But despite his history of pushing me to challenge myself, he agreed that I had earned the right to have a more relaxed senior year. He even made several phone calls just to double check that I would not miss anything necessary for graduation. I love how Winthrop professors push us, but at the same time let us be individuals who must make our own decisions. He ended the session by encouraging me to persevere throughout the rest of the semester, and telling me that even though mid terms weren’t great, he had faith that I could turn it around. I think this is why advising is so important and necessary for students all throughout their college career. As we get older, and more used to the whole college thing we think we don’t need someone to tell us that we are making the right choices, but it’s always good to have a second opinion.

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Winthrop CBA Professor goes global over Spring Break!

Dr. Jane Thomas is a professor of Marketing at Winthrop, and she recently had an amazing opportunity to go to a conference in Europe. She kindly wrote us a guest blog post giving some details from her exciting trip!

Early Friday morning March 8 I left on an adventure to France and Spain with 12 other Winthrop CBA students.  The purpose of the trip was to explore the culture and business environment of Paris, Montpellier, Nimes, Avignon, and Barcelona.

We arrived in Paris at 6am on Saturday March 9th.  The city was quiet and the sun was shinning.  Despite our sleepy state, we immediately started touring the city.  Our first stop was the Eiffel Tower.  Naturally we all took pictures of this famous icon. What surprised me was how quiet and deserted the city was at 9am.  About 11am the city started to come alive.  Saturday was a free day and of course I spent the day doing research (aka: shopping).  My journey started at the Champs Elysses.  Each store I entered offered a view of different fashion tastes and retail operations.  One of the more interesting observations was observed in Zara.  Before entering the dressing room each person swiped their handbag against an electronic device that would identify sensors in their  handbag.  In other words, if you had placed an unpaid item in your handbag an alarm would sound.  Each customer swiped their handbag a second time when they left the dressing room.  I had never seen this type of anti-shoplifting device, but thought it was very effective.

I lusted over items in many store windows and touched garments that were so expensive that I did not even bother to check the price tag.  I knew that I could not afford them.  However, there is nothing like the sensation of experiencing a couture collection.  For me a dress is a work of art.  I inspect the fabric and seams.  I touch the garment to experience the hand and them imagine the person who would wear this garment.  To some my research might seem trivial, but for me this type of field research provides opportunities to use my background in textiles and consumer behavior.

After exploring the couture lines I then moved onto mass fashion retailers.  I always go to retailers that I cannot find in the US.  One of my favorite places was Galleries Lafayette.  At first glance this retailer seemed no different than Macy’s; however, when I entered the store I experienced something different than just another department store.  The Paris store is the flagship store and covers more than a city block.  I have been into large department stores in other cities and countries, but Galleries Lafayette is one of my new favorites.  The food section of the store was my favorite department.  The combination of fresh, prepared, and packaged food was visually stimulating and enticing.  I wanted to buy, taste, and take home many of the foods that I saw.

After a long day of research the group assembled for a nice Parisian dinner.

On Thursday we traveled by train to Barcelona, Spain.  Here we experienced a different language and culture.  We visited Roca bathroom fixture store and experienced a showroom that was like nothing I had ever seen.  As you entered the show room you saw a wall (avatars) of people going through their bathroom grooming rituals.  You saw Dad’s shaving and then teaching their son how to shave and tie a tie.  Young boy’s “checking themselves out” in the mirror and girls painting their toenails.  This exhibit made me think about all of the things we do in a bathroom.  The private moments that are culturally and socially inspired.

In the Rocca showroom we saw an Armani tub that cost $7,000.  Bathroom fixtures designed to help protect the environment (think about water use) and to be used in small spaces were the norm.  After visiting the showroom I felt like my new bathrooms at home were somehow antique.

We arrived home on Sunday March 16th at 1am.  Tired but filled with memories of a fun and enriching Spring Break.

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We want YOUR opinion!

The CBA wants our students to share their love of the college and it’s faculty.  Email, Facebook, comment, or send us a video telling what you love about Winthrop’s College of Business Administration.  We will feature it on our blog as well as our Facebook and Flickr. We want to maintain communication with our students and what better way to do so than getting your opinion. 

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6th Annual Student Professional Development Conference

On March 5, 2013 Winthrop will host it’s 6th Annual Professional Development Conference. There will be prestigious speakers who work in corporate America and also some very useful workshops open to all students. This is an excellent opportunity to network with CBA faculty and professionals. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

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Winthrop University: College of Business Administration

Winthrop College of Business Administration

If you are interested in more information about Winthrop University’s College of Business Administration, go to their website for details.

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